Frighteningly Good Food at This Year’s Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort , Orlando , Seasonal Events
Frighteningly Good Food at This Year’s Halloween Horror Nights
Food that won't leave you running scared...
If you thought that Halloween Horror Nights was ONLY about being scared out of your wits, you’d be dead wrong. All your screams come with a side of sweet treats, savoury bites and speciality drinks guaranteed to inject a bit of life back into you!

Kicking things off in the sweet treats area, we’ve got the Triple Decker Extravaganza inspired by “Stranger Things”.


Triple Decker Extravaganza


Made from 3 waffles stacked with layers of whipped cream, chocolate, peanut butter and jelly beans, this concoction is definitely as tasty as it is Instagrammable.

Another favourite waffle-based snack of ours is the Bananas Foster, also on sale at the San Francisco Bakery.


Bananas Foster


The bananas Foster consists of 2 waffles topped with banana cream cheese, hazelnut spread, raisins, walnuts, whipped cream and bananas foster sauce.       

Also available at the San Francisco Bakery is the Strawberry Shortcake.


Strawberry Shortcake HHN


We presume the strawberry sauce on top of this waffle dessert is supposed to represent something else - but we'll let you decide if that curbs your appetite or not!

Continuing the waffle theme, over at Benny's Burgers in the New York Area, you'll find a Fudge Dipped Waffle on a Stick.



These tasty treats are the perfect bite-size snack to give you energy on the go as you run from deranged chainsaw-weilding villains! 

"Stranger Things" have not just inspired the San Francisco Baskery to create waffles...there are also cupcakes on offer inspired by THAT iconic scene from the series.


Fairy Lights cakes Stranger Things

Finally, 11 Mini Donuts covered in powdered sugar or cinnamon and a drizzle of shiny red frosting:

 11 Donuts Halloween Horror Nights

If it's savoury food you're craving, you'll want to direct you're frantic running towards Benny's Burgers in the New York area of the park. Named after the diner in the first season of Stranger Things, you'll find here cheeseburgers, hamburgers and chicken sandwiches served with a tasty side of fries.  

Excitingly, Pizza Fries are BACK by popular demand at the Kidzone Pizza Company:


Pizza Fries Halloween Horror Nights

And the Fiery Onion Ring Burger is available at Mel's Drive-In and the Chili Chicken Sandwich is a back at Richter's in San Francisco. 


Finally, we couldn't dedicate a post to the culinary offerings at Halloween Horror Nights without a nod to the speciality alcoholic drinks on offer. 

Speciality drinks Halloween Horror Nights

These drinks comes in a souvenir cup which you can take home with you to remind you of all your special Halloween Horror Nights memories.

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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort , Orlando , Seasonal Events