Mickey Mouse Pancakes Made Easy for Pancake Day!

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Mickey Mouse Pancakes Made Easy for Pancake Day!
Surely Mickey Mouse pancakes are better than regular pancakes!
Why not add a touch of magic to your pancake day this year and treat yourself to a stack of Mickey shaped pancakes!


In America pancakes are pretty much a breakfast staple, so those of you enjoying your Disney travels won’t struggle to fulfil Shrove Tuesday’s requirements to tuck into a stack of pancakes.  In fact you’ll be spoilt for choice, both in the park grounds and beyond. However, there’ll be a few of you attempting to make your own pancakes at home this evening and we can’t think of a better way to make them that extra bit special than to make them Mickey shaped!
So here’s how...
Freehand with a Squeezy Bottle
1 - If you don’t have a mould, you can attempt to make your Mickey Mouse pancakes free hand – simply pour the pancake mix into a squeezy bottle to help you to create the ears.
2 - Squeeze enough mixture into the middle of the pan to make Mickey’s face. Be sure to leave enough room to create the ears.
3 - Squeeze a smaller amount of mixture at ten and two, either side of Mickey’s face – so they attach. 
4 - The tricky part is all in the flip! Good luck! 
With a Mickey Cookie Cutter
1 – Make the pancake mixture as usual/from scratch or already prepared!
2- If you already own a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, you can use this to shape your pancakes. 
3 – Rub some butter/non-stick spray around the inside of the cookie cutter.
4 - Place the mould onto the frying pan and pour your pancake mixture into the pan, only filling the mould halfway.
5 – Allow the mixture to cook on one side.
6 – Remove the entire pancake and the mould together with a spatula from the pan and then remove the mould – which should come away easily if you have used enough non-stick spray/butter.
7 – Place the pancake back on the pan uncooked side face down – without the mould – and leave till cooked.
The Ultimate Cheat
1 - If you have a Mickey Mouse frying pan or Mickey Mouse waffle maker the above needn’t apply – just pour the pancake mixture in and let the magic happen.
If you ever happen to be in Disney World, whether it’s Pancake Day or not, you’re in the perfect place for lots of Mickey Mouse shaped breakfast sweet treats. However, the best place for Mickey Pancakes has got to be Walt Disney World’s Kona Cafe at the Disney Polynesia Resort south of the Magic Kingdom Resort. If you’ve purchased your tickets for a Disney visit, you’ll be able to dine at Kona Cafe for lunch, breakfast or dinner. 
To reserve a table at Kona Cafe call Disney Dining (407) 939-3463.
Happy Disney Pancake Day!

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Orlando , Disney World , Disney's Magic Kingdom , Disney Dining