The Spider-Man Ride Closes Temporarily to Complete Enhancements

The Spider-Man Ride Closes Temporarily to Complete Enhancements
The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man undergoes refurbishment...
On the 8th February The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man will close for a short period of time to undergo the final stages of the refurbishment...

Those of us lucky enough to have purchased our Universal tickets in time to experience The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, before it undergoes its refurbishment, will know that this ride is the best of its time and was absolutely groundbreaking with its 3D effects and visuals when it debuted at Universal’s Islands of Adventure on 28th May 1999.

Universal revealed that the ride would be undergoing some changes and enhancements to allow this amazing adventure to continue to remain the most amazing adventure and has finally announced that the ride will be closed as of the 8th February. The closure will allow the Universal creatives and engineers to make their final changes to the attraction. As well as completing the mechanism of the enhanced digital projection, there are rumours that the ride will have redesigned facade.

This is a ride we can barely wait to experience all over’s going to be immense. We will keep you updated as to when The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man will re-open, but if you’re as excited as we are, get your Universal tickets ASAP.
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