The Walking Dead Attraction Opening Date Revealed!

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The Walking Dead Attraction Opening Date Revealed!
Prepare to enter a post-apocalyptic world
Universal Studios Hollywood have announced the opening date for their brand new terrifying attraction…

Currently, at Universal Studios Hollywood production is underway for a brand new exciting attraction based on the most watched cable TV show ever. You guessed it; The Walking Dead is coming to Hollywood, and there’s not long to wait! The official opening will take place on the 4th July, so get ready for a chilling adventure like no other.

This isn’t the first time The Walking Dead has appeared at Universal Studios. Fans of the annual Halloween Horror Nights scare-fest will be familiar with the harrowing haunted mazes that have featured year after year. This time, the grisly walkers are here to stay with the attraction set to become a year-round feature at the park!

Aiming to create an experience like never before, the attraction will immerse guests into a living representation of the show. On hand to bring the horror-drama series to life, is Greg Nicotero; the producer, director and special effects supervisor. Yesterday, an exciting behind the scenes preview video was released, giving a glimpse of what’s in store.



The terrifying walkers will make a return that’s promised to be scarier than ever! Using animatronics to awaken the gruesome zombie-like creatures (something that’s never been done before) will make the attraction as realistic as possible. Imagine trying to escape from an army of walkers, chasing after you!

KNB Efx (Nicotero’s special effects company) have been working tirelessly to ensure that the design is authentic and stays true to the series. The actual moulds designed and used especially for filming the show, are being utilised for this incredible new attraction. Detailed make up effects have been carefully painted on, bloody costumes recreated and unique prosthetics developed. This means, you might recognise some familiar faces, including the iconic Bicycle Girl!


The Walking Dead Universal Studios Hollywood


There will also be a selection of genuine recognisable props from the show, as well as elaborate sets, designed to transport guests into the post-apocalyptic realm they know and love. Packed with incredible special effects from start to finish and live performers, this one is only for the brave!

A brand new custom built structure will accommodate the attraction just inside the park’s entrance, so there’s no getting away from the gruesome creatures that await. The walkers are out to get you; are you ready to face them?


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